Residential ADR
Smart Grid Solutions That Create Measurable Results

For 30 years, Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions (SGS) has helped more than 60 utilities worldwide meet energy efficiency and demand response goals, and manage the grid while improving overall customer engagement and satisfaction. We have worked side-by-side with utilities to help invent the demand response technology of today. Our services include call center support, direct install services, marketing collateral and outreach, IT integration services, rebate processing, trade ally management and more.

Nearly 50% of Honeywell’s product portfolio delivers energy efficiency benefits across the world, with our technologies currently being delivered to more than 150 million homes, 10 million buildings and thousands of industrial sites around the world. We can use this expertise to design and implement an energy efficiency program that results in increased participation, and ultimately, measurable energy savings.

The Total Connect Comfort with ADR solution can be delivered to utility customers various ways by leveraging Honewyell’s existing trade and retail partnerships.